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Subtitle: From Shadow to Light

The canvas is made of caribou hide, tanned and smoked traditionally. The 12 sides of the frame represent the 12 Aboriginal nations that have lived in Quebec. The canvases are attached to the frame with traditional sinews. The canvases are painted with oil paints and natural dyes. The base is inspired by furniture from the 14th century, the era of the great conquests. The frames are adorned with porcupine quills, caribou bones, moose, weasel, weasel skins, bear skins, moose, mink and white fox. The finery consists of bear claws, deer ergo, caribou antlers, stones, eagle feathers, partridge feathers, moose canvas, horse blood, red ochre and berries, and local stones. The perfect circle inside represents the sea, the earth, the medicine wheel, the circle of life, the drum representing the spiritual heartbeat of the Nations and it also represents the 4 directions.

Guide des tailles