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New products to discover! Atikuss Collection Winter 2023-24 - Opening of the first Native Economuseum in Uashat - Josée and her Nuitshuanat - Native Women

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Atikuss is a tribute to the caribou, which has greatly contributed to the survival of the First Nations and their know-how.

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  • Atikuss

    Atikuss Boots of Hope are shoes made using natural materials and ancestral techniques. The craftswomen use their hands to bring back to life the history inspired by ancestral beading and weaving methods to create clothing and accessories.

  • The experience

    A visit to Atikuss will awaken all your senses and transport you to the heart of the history of the Innu people. Pages of history are embodied in the work of the craftswomen they will share with you. You'll discover their passion for craftsmanship and a privileged window on their culture.

  • The products

    At Atikuss, you'll be able to buy handcrafted shoes and accessories that respect indigenous traditions as closely as possible, while bringing them up to date with today's fashions. Products are created in the traditional way, with reuse, non-waste and return to communities in mind. A great way to bring home a souvenir steeped in local culture.

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Atikuss has a wide selection of boots and moccasins.

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